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Green Infrastructure

Copenhageners [...] have realised that doing the right thing for the environment brings jobs – and higher living standards – to the city. Both from a financial and a sustainability perspective.
Prof Mathiesen, Aalborg University (DK)

Thames Tideway Tunnel (financial) scandal

The private monopoly is the worst of both worlds.
Dave Prentis, Evening Standard 10 June 2013

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Urban air pollution

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  • Thamesbank’s position on the Thames Tunnel 7 Nov 2012. Thamesbank is a well established NGO set up over 15 years ago, whose mission is to defend the Thames against a seemingly never-ending stream of unsustainable proposals. Read their lucid analysis of how morally corrupt Thames Water is “holding a gun” to UK rate and taxpayer’s head with the Thames Tunnel, a project which “will drain nothing but our pockets”. Thamesbank is collaborating with the Environment Law Foundation to ensure the legal aspects of this mega-project are adequately scrutinized by an independent body.
  • Does the Thames Tunnel project create an economic stimulus? Blog post by Mohenjo, 24 July 2012. The likely answer is not what the Thames Water glossies would have you believe… There’s still a £25 Amazon Voucher up for grabs for who can provide a sensible answer to the good questions raised in this post…
  1. [1] See page 23 of the Ofwat report.  When “normal people” try to inflate expenses and get caught red-handed, this normally has consequences beyond their request being politely declined…
  2. [2] As described in the Parliamentary Explanatory Note of the act (para 21), the act contains the innocuous implication that “[taxpayer] support [of exceptional project risks, such as the Thames Tunnel's] cannot be monetized”