Thames Tunnel Myths & the sustainable, affordable alternative

Green City Clean Waters or Grey Concrete?

A public briefing with an exceptional panel of experts to shed light on the sustainable alternative to the Thames Tideway Tunnel.
This event was part of the « Blue-Green Paradigm Shift for Water » week, organized by Thamesbank in collaboration with Clean Thames Now and Always (CTNA).

Thursday 13th December 2012 – 6-8pm
St Mary’s Church, Putney High Street, Putney SW15 1SN

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  1. Introduction: Why Thames Tunnel Myths and the Sustainable, Affordable Alternative?
    • Clean Thames Now and Always (CTNA) team – 5′
  2. Context: brief review of the Thames Tideway Strategic Study (TTSS)
    • Chris Binnie, FREng, ex Chairman of the TTSS – 10′
  3. Review of Thames Water’s 2010 ‘Needs Report’ for the Thames Tunnel, focussing on anti-SuDS arguments
    • Roland Gilmore, CTNA – 10′
  4. Greening Philadelphia and “Triple Bottom Line” cost/benefits analysis
    • Dr. Mark Maimone, PhD., Eur Ing, DWRE, BCEE, SVP CDM Smith, Philadelphia “Green City, Clean Waters” Programme – 30′
  5. Green Roofs, Green Walls, Green Infrastructure: The London Business Improvement District (BID) surveys
    • Dusty Gedge, Urban Ecologist and London Leader – 20′
  6. Ecology of the Thames, Dissolved Oxygen and EU infraction fines mitigation
    • Chris Binnie – 10′
  7. Blue-Greening of London: 21stcentury integrated water management
    • Lady Berkeley, Thamesbank – 10′
  8. Beyond Greening: What a new re-scoped ‘SuDS’ study must include. Water White Paper and change required
    • Roland Gilmore, CTNA – 5′
  9. Political analysis: obstacles to a sustainable solution leveraging Green Infrastructure for Clean Waters
    • Lance Pierson, CTNA – 5′
  10. Open to the floor: Q&A and debate


  • Programme is subject to change.
  • Q&A will be taken at the end of each contribution (within limit of available time) and at the end.