About Us

Our Mission Statement

Research and promote sustainable solutions for urban stormwater runoff so as to fulfil – and go beyond – the UK’s obligations to establish a clean river Thames.

We are promoting Green Infrastructure – including SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) – as the norm for all urban areas, big or small. This will leave a lasting legacy which is economically viable and cost effective.

Who we are

Clean Thames Now and Always is a not-for-profit think-tank, being established with UK charity status. We are a group of environmentally conscious Londoners from all around the city, who are passionate about the possibilities of implementing state of the art blue-green infrastructure to improve and protect the Thames eco-system and improve our environment for all Londoners, in the short and long term.

Our organization came into being in early 2012, to follow the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest a multi-billion amount earmarked by the UK Government to protect the Thames. It’s abundantly clear to us that this needs to be implemented sustainably, taking into account proven 21st century best practices to deal with urban stormwater management, thus creating a lasting environmental legacy for London. Other solutions, particularly dated heavy engineering endeavours that attempt to mitigate consequences of climate change (uncanny weather patterns) by inducing more of the same, would constitute a sorry and disastrously costly own-goal. In the 21st century, Mankind has slowly learnt to work with nature rather than against it. It’s certainly high time!

Our team covers the following areas (but we always need more expertise – please contact us if you can offer some):

  • Environmental research and study
  • Engineering
  • Media and PR
  • Policy and lobbying
  • Environmental documentary film-making
  • Green entrepreneurship

We are in contact with a number of like-minded organizations and experts both in the UK, in the US and Europe that help us fulfil our mission.  If you are one of these, we need to hear from you.

A company with the talent and imagination of Thames Water will not want to commit its customers to invest in a super sewer if an alternative, which demonstrates their forward thinking and commitment to bringing the greatest added value to the people they serve, can be brought into being. The Philadelphia Project indicates that this is possible and at a price which makes business sense and which has excited the people of Philly and added huge value to their properties and the quality of their lives. I urge all of us, both champions for and protestors against the sewer, to take a deep breath and explore whether a truly great solution isn’t within the grasp of us all.
Sir Tim Smit KBE, Chief Executive and co-founder of the Eden Project

What we do

  • Assemble the “best solution” to London’s storm water management issues – short + long term
  • Research in the areas of:
    • Green Infrastructure
    • Grey complements (such as short term screening of river pollution)
    • Legislation / policies
    • Alleged obstacles to sustainable solutions
  • Engage stakeholders and promote awareness
    • Bring parties together
    • Inform public and politicians

Please, please join us!

We are eagerly looking for more talent to join us. If the quality of urban life is of concern to you and your family, please show your support and join us.  If you have specialized skills to offer, please let us know but don’t worry either way; all you need is to share our passion.  The more supporters, the stronger our voice!

The state of our environment, waterways and air concerns not only all Londoners but in fact all town and city dwellers. The solution is here – all that is needed is the will to make it happen. Please help us spread the word by joining us!