Sign the petition for Green Infrastructure - Save £1bn compared to the Thames Tideway Tunnel
We demand a Clean Thames, delivered…

  • as soon as possible – waiting another 10+ years is not an option!
  • at a cost affordable to all
  • delivered in the most sustainable way
  • leveraging intelligent 21st century green infrastructure, enabling a long term legacy of substantial ancillary benefits such as:
    • flood mitigation by handling stormwater at source rather than letting it to gush down impervious surfaces into combined sewers
    • drought mitigation through rainwater infiltration (as nature always intended) or harvesting
    • climate change mitigation through greening, as opposed to “hard engineering” solutions which exacerbate climate change, particularly through raised needs for energy for the long term.
    • cleaner air as trees absorb noxious particulate matter, CO2 and release oxygen
    • planting seeds instead of pouring concrete: who doesn’t prefer trees, green roofs that can be used for recreation, and dedicated cycling lanes (such as BikeGrid) to sewage columns, lorries and concrete?
    • a sustainable, local, green industry instead of “too big to fail” arrangements benefiting offshore financiers with the UK taxpayer footing the bill…

If you’re wondering why Green Infrastructure is the superior solution to achieve a Clean Thames — rather than the Thames Tideway Tunnel, which perpetuates unsustainable 19th c. practices of concentrating sewage with precious rainwater in the same (just bigger) pipe — head to “the controversy“.

  • We’re continuously updating this site with more information. Please DO get in touch if you’re interested or would like to contribute…

You are NOT powerless against Climate Change & ruinous PPP financial scandals! Take a stand: Green Infrastructure instead of the nonsensical super-sewer: Sign the petition.